“Rise + Flow has helped me during this stressful time of zoom meetings and working remotely. Ciara has a true talent for being encouraging while also creating a challenging practice for us.”

SHERI, Vitual Yogi

“Ciara’s offering is the perfect way to start the day! It is so fun and engaging to practice with her. I am consistently challenged and encouraged to try with her gentle guidance. I feel stronger mentally and physically each day and can’t wait to practice each morning.”

Alexandra, Vitual Yogi

I feel SO grounded when led by Ciara. She reminds me that I have ultimate freedom to move in my space and my body, and has created a real sense of community in her Saturday morning classes, which I haven’t had at any yoga studios/gyms I’ve practiced at up to this point. I’ve had 1:1 connections, but this is different. Ciara has invited in and gently fans the flames of a beautiful feminine, home-loving energy that says, “We don’t have to go anywhere to engage in this practice.” Her virtual classes are a very Be Here Now experience for me, and I love that more each week, whether I’m practicing outside, in my unfinished attic, or with the whimsical mess of my office around me. Thank you, Ciara!


Ciara brings her sunshine attitude with professional guidance. Her classes work for all skill levels. I really enjoy her classes and would recommend to anyone interested in yoga.


Ciara is a beautiful teacher inside and out. When in a group setting, she created a safe space for me to genuinely embrace my unique emotion behind every changing movement. I feel a physical shift in energy, each time I take her class. She is also a brilliant one-on-one Yogi Teacher and I’ve recently had the privilege of experiencing customized sessions. In her one-on-one sessions you will see just how above and beyond she goes. My experience have been catered and looked after with the highest priority! I would highly recommend that you try any of her classes or book personal one-one one sessions!

Amanda, Virtual Yogi

What a lovely flow class! Ciara’s energy (calm yet steady and engaging) was perfect. She showed variations for all poses and I felt I was able to participate fully even though I was a beginner. Will definitely take more classes with her.

Debbie, Brick City Yogi

Ciara really listened to what was going on with my body/injury and helped me expand upon movement while still being gentle. I enjoyed the daytime class as it gave me a little more energy mid-day.